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Article · 7 Min Read

Intrapreneurship and why it's good for business

Find out why the likes of Apple, Sony and Google encourage their employees to think and act like entrepreneurs.

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Webinar · 22 mins

Why your employee idea campaigns don't work

Learn the six top reasons that some employee idea campaigns fail to make an impact, and how you can avoid them.

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eBook · 56 pages

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Ideas

Read how to inspire employees to share ideas and bring them to life with tips, tricks and insights learned from over 250,000 employee ideas.

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Article · 4 min read

What is integrated idea management?

Learn how integrated idea management differs from older methods and enables employees to collaborate on ideas.

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Webinar · 20 Mins

How Centrica's team manage hundreds of ideas every single month

Centrica's MAGIC campaign is an incredible example of managing employee ideas at scale.

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Article · 9 Min Read

4 companies using Microsoft Yammer to generate employee ideas

See how big businesses are using Microsoft Yammer to develop a culture of innovation.

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Infographic · 4 Min Read

The 2018 State of Employee Ideas

Presenting the results from the world's biggest ever survey on employee ideas and whether companies listen to them.

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