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How does the Sideways 6 Ideas App for Microsoft Teams work?


Employees engage on Microsoft Teams

Employees share and collaborate on ideas, respond to challenges and receive updates on the Ideas app for Microsoft Teams

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Everything you need

Manage, review and shortlist 
those ideas with Sideways 6's
idea management platform

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Sideways 6 & Microsoft Teams - Set Idea Challenges

The App

Create a new 
home for ideas

Provide a dedicated space for everyone in your organization to share their ideas.

Brand your app, pin it to the Teams sidebar and cement a culture of employee ideas.

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Get the ideas   
you really want

Find the best solutions to your biggest challenges.

Provide clear criteria and guide employees to share the types of ideas that are likely to succeed.  

Sideways 6 & Microsoft Teams - Idea Collaboration


Develop ideas 

Bring employees together to turn ideas from good to great.

Allow the magic to happen as employees like, comment and collaborate around ideas. 


Marks & Spencer
'Suggest to Steve'

How M&S gets 70% more employee ideas
with Sideways 6 and Microsoft Teams

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Sideways 6 Product - Engage


Keep your people
in the loop

Save time with automated messages and simple tracking.

Celebrate milestones, gamify the process and update employees at every stage of the journey.

Sideways 6 - New Way - Integrated Idea Management


Source ideas from outside of Teams

Teams or no Teams, get ideas from wherever employees work. 

Capture ideas through Viva Engage, Workplace, online forms or email and sync them into Teams. 

All this, plus the power of Sideways 6
to bring your best ideas to life

Magic Wand

Manage ideas

Qualify, categorise and progress ideas through your pipeline with automation rules.

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Reveal your
best ideas

Combine crowd and expert review to uncover the ideas with the highest potential.

Bar Chart

Measure your

Identify trends, calculate the value of ideas and create custom reports to prove ROI.

What Customers Say

The value of what we achieved with the help of Sideways 6 cannot be understated — it’s priceless.

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Employees Reached

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Business Impact

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