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Learn how to make Teams a home for ideas and collaboration

Article · 6 Min Read

What does it mean to be 'Native' to Microsoft Teams

Built for engagement: find out why your employees are more likely to adopt and use native software solutions.

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Article · 6 Min Read

The ultimate guide to idea management on Teams

Learn how to make Microsoft Teams a home for employee ideas, intrapreneurship and innovation.

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Article · 10 Min Read

How to run an employee ideas campaign on Teams

A step-by-step guide on how to run employee ideas campaigns with Microsoft Teams.

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Video · 2 mins

Bertie's Big Idea

Watch a clever beagle share his idea on Microsoft Teams to make the office a better place to work.

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Article · 5 min read

9 reasons to move your employee ideas program to Microsoft Teams

Considering moving your ideas program to Microsoft Teams? Here's why you should.

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Article · 4 min read

What is integrated idea management?

Learn why so many companies are turning to tools like Microsoft Teams for idea crowdsourcing and collaboration.

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Q&A · 4 mins

How we built an ideas app for Teams in partnership with Microsoft

A Q&A with Microsoft and Sideways 6 sharing how we built 'Ideas by Sideways 6' for Teams

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Webinar · 22 mins

Microsoft Teams and the Future of Ideas

Look at how the world's biggest organizations are preparing for the future of collaborative work.

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