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Crowdsource employee ideas to continuously transform and improve your business

Engage your people, Improve your organisation and build a culture of Innovation - quickly and simply, on Microsoft Teams, your Interact Intranet and more

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A native ideation approach works
Engage employees with Sideways6

Over 4 million

Engaged employees submitting or engaging with ideas
Group 9-1
More than $300m

Saved or generated via employee ideas

Group 10
Around 75% of workforce

Feel closer and aligned to the business when their ideas are heard

Mask group

5x more adoption

When employees use our native teams app 

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Benefit from 4 weeks

Seamless onboarding so you can start seeing value right away

Illustration of all the integration to Sideways 6

Employees submit ideas where they like to work

Create your employee ideas program on the tools you're people already use like Microsoft Teams, your Interact internet, Viva Engage and embedded forms.

Group 28

AI tools to improve idea quality

Customizable submission rules, AI-powered similar idea detection, improve with AI all enhance idea quality and make shortlisting easy.

Sideways 6 Product - Manage - Automation

Manage ideas quickly at scale

Automate and customize your idea program, ensuring ideas move smoothly thorugh your pipeline

Sideways6 analytics

Measure impact with customisable analytics

Unlock the full potential of your idea campaigns with advanced analytics that reveal trends, assess business impact, and generate custom reports to showcase your return on investment.

Why our customers use us

In their words

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At Vodafone, we partner with companies that are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope. That’s why we chose Sideways 6.


Vodafone logo PS
Caroline Delamo
Business Operations & Projects Manager, Vodafone
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The value of what we achieved with the help of Sideways 6 cannot be understated - it's priceless

AstraZeneca logo PS
Scott Wilkins
Enterprise Innovation Director, AstraZeneca
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We probably receive more support and advice from Sideways 6 than from any other partner we work with.

BA logo PS
Drew McMillan
Colleague Communication & Culture Director, British Airways
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The InGenius programme with Sideways 6 gives our employees a voice and a platform for their ideas.

Nestle logo PS
Nick De Blasio
Global Product Group Manager Concept Development Acceleration, Nestlé
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It's always a challenge finding needles in hundreds of haystacks. With Spark Innovation we can find these gems–and to our pleasant surprise, the quietest offices, traditionally with the least power, are submitting the most ideas.

Disovery logo PS
Stephen Lee
VP EMEA Portfolio Strategy and Innovation, Discovery
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Sideways 6 and Microsoft Teams has taken Suggest to Steve to the next level. Engagement has never been higher and the whole process is now streamlined.

M&S logo PS
Ede Rogers
Colleague Engagement Manager, Colleague Voice, M&S
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This is the fastest we’ve ever launched something in the business. Everyone was really, really surprised. We launched in May, after demoing Sideways 6 in March.

T&F logo PS
Michelle Rivera Spann
Vice President of Business Advancement, Taylor & Francis
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We have a lot of ideas as a business. But delivering ideas to impact the whole company has been difficult. We are a company of over 4,000 people and making everyone feel part of the project can be a challenge.

Vueling airlines PS
Maria Jesus Ymbernon Salva
Head of Vendor Management & Make it Better Shaker, Vueling

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