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Bring your employee ideas to life

The idea management platform for companies that use  
Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Workplace from Facebook.

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Create a culture of ideas & innovation

The Old Way

Reach the few

Suggestion boxes, focus groups, 
and ideas apps only engage 
a fraction of employees.

Sideways 6 - Old Fashioned

The New Way

Reach the many

Enable employees to share  
their ideas on the tools 
they use every day.

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Our approach

Generate more 
good ideas

Make it easy for everyone in your organisation to share their ideas.

Capture ideas on the tools employees know and love like Teams, Yammer & Workplace.

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Sideways 6 Product - Analyze

Our Product

Identify the 
best ideas

Spend less time managing ideas and more time implementing them. 

Streamline the process, 
automate repetitive tasks 
and find the best ideas fast.

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Our Service

Bring ideas
to life

Learn from our experience in helping to bring thousands of employee ideas to life.

Our team of experts is here to guide on every step of your journey to ideas success.

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Where do you collaborate? We've got you covered

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Microsoft Teams App

We wanted to create an ideas app for Microsoft Teams that was so simple, even a dog could use it... 

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Customer stories

Examples of intrapreneurship and employee ideas in action


Nestlé's intrapreneurs bring 67 innovative new projects to global market

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AstraZeneca engages 11,000 employees on its 2025 company strategy

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Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty's employee ideas save over £6m and 5,000 hours in one year

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Don't Take Our Word For It

At Vodafone, we partner with companies that are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope. That’s why we chose Sideways 6.

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Capture Ideas from Anywhere

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