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Bring your employee ideas to life

The idea management platform for modern companies that use Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Workplace from Facebook.

Capture ideas from anyone, anywhere

The Old Way

Reach the few

Suggestion boxes, focus groups,
and ideas apps only engage
a fraction of employees.

Reach the Few

The New Way

Reach the many

Invite all employees to share
their ideas using the tools
they know and love.

Reach the Many

Our approach

Get instant engagement

Capture ideas from existing communities on Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Workplace from Facebook, and more.

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Sideways 6 Product - Analyze

Our Product

Make smarter decisions

Manage ideas at scale, 
find the best ideas fast, 
and reveal their value
to the business.

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Our Service

Our Service

Learn from experience

We’ve learned a lot from
over 500,000 employee ideas. Our team is here to help at
every step of your journey.

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What Our Customers Say

We probably receive more support and advice from Sideways 6 than from any other partner we work with.

Drew McMillan

British Airways


Potential Impact

How many employees are in your company?

465 Ideas

shared to make the company better.

37 Ideas/year

are implemented.

1,390,071 $USD

est. business impact generated.

*figures based on data from 500,000 employee ideas

Better companies, happier people

Join a community of changemakers helping over
3 million employees to have their ideas heard.

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