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Webinar series

  • 30th July 2024 | 3pm BST | 10am ET

Episode #1 Creating Buy-In: How Employees' Ideas Drive Successful Change

How to gain senior leadership support, identify internal champions, and secure employee buy-in for your ideas program.

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A webinar series on tactics for improving your business through employee ideas

In this first episode of The Idea Exchange, we’re joined by Veronica Hull, Head of Transformation at Vueling, one of Europe's leading airlines.

Join us as we unpack how ideas have taken off at the company, engaging 50% of the workforce and driving positive change that delivers an impressive ROI.

We’ll discuss:

Securing support and getting buy-in from top execs

Creating a culture of improvement from the frontline up

How to streamline idea management and do more with less

Steps for a successful launch

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On the panel

Featuring expert leaders in transformation, improvement, engagement and comms at the following:

Veronica Hull, Head of Transformation @ Vueling

With a career spanning two decades in the aviation industry (18 of which were spent at Virgin Atlantic), Veronica is an experienced leader in transformation and engagement, change management and strategic planning.

Will Read, CEO @ Sideways 6

As the founder of Sideways 6, Will has extensive experience helping large enterprises like M&S, Balfour Beatty, Nestle, British Airways, Diageo and many others, develop, execute and scale their idea programmes.

Adam Schoor Head of Strategic Consultancy & Training @ Interact

Adam is a dynamic problem solver with 15+ years in the communications industry. He's worked with huge names like Baptist Health, Levi Strauss, Columbia Sportswear to enhance their employee engagement and foster collaboration.

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About the series

The Idea Exchange is a webinar series where experienced leaders in the below areas exchange their playbooks on what it takes to launch, run and scale impactful employee idea programs. 

- Transformation
- Improvement
- Employee engagement
- Internal comms

We'll also have polls, panels and a live Q&A during each session.

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