An Idea Management solution your employees will actually use

Improve adoption and outcomes with purpose built Employee Ideas apps for Microsoft Teams, Interact Intranet, and more.

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Meet employees where they are

Sideways 6 operates within the flow of work in the tools your employees use every day. This makes it easy for them to share and shape ideas right where and when they naturally happen. 

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Better companies, happier people

Gallup reports that businesses who listen to employee ideas are more profitable and experience lower staff turnover.

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What is integrated idea management?

Integrated idea management is an approach of listening to ideas using pre-existing tools and software, rather than a dedicated ideas application.

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The Challenge

People Resist Change

80% of collaboration efforts fail due to a lack of engagement and adoption (Gartner)


The Solution

Make it Easy

Simplify employee involvement and idea sharing by integrating with tools they use every day

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Where do you collaborate? Learn more about our integrations

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Expand your reach

Not all of your audience on your collaboration tool? No sweat.

People can share ideas via an online form too - all the ideas feed through to Sideways 6 to be managed in one place.

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