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Inspiration and insight on driving positive change through employee engagement and ideas.

Article · 6 Min Read

Empowering Progress: How 4 companies saved >$60m through employee ideas

Saving money is a priority for businesses in an economic crisis. Could we find inspiration in real-life examples where employees' ideas led to business transformation, saving resources, and improving efficiency?

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Article · 6 Min Read

Want to engage employees? It’s time to start listening to ideas proactively

How can listening to ideas drive engagement and create ownership in your company’s strategic goals?

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Article · 10 Min Read

The Top 5 Benefits of Employee Engagement Explained

Employee engagement is important to corporate success, but what does it look like to have an engaged workforce?

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Article · 6 Min Read

The ultimate guide to idea management on Microsoft Teams

Learn how to make Microsoft Teams not only a home for collaboration but a home for ideas and innovation too.

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eBook · 32 Pages

The Employee Ideas Lookbook

10 great campaign examples from the likes of British Airways, Intel and Lego to inspire your employees to share their ideas.

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Collection · 7 resources

Microsoft Teams

The fastest-growing collaboration tool of all time. Learn how to make Teams a home for ideas.

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Collection · 5 resources

Workplace from Meta

Learn how the likes of Nestlé and AstraZeneca turn collaboration into innovation with Workplace.

Workplace resources

Collection · 6 resources

Microsoft Yammer

Find out how the likes of British Airways, Centrica and Severn Trent fuel ideas on Yammer.

Yammer resources

Podcast · Season 1

Listening Leaders

The podcast for people who want to do big things in big companies.
Featuring interviews with the CEO's at Marks & Spencer, Balfour Beatty, Mencap, Mott MacDonald and many more.

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Article · 10 Min Read

The top 50 listening leaders

As chosen by the people, allow us to present the world’s best listening leaders.

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Article · 7 min read

The Retailer's Guide to Employee Ideas

The best retailers in the world improve every day with employee ideas. Find out how.

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Article · 6 Min Read

6 superior strategies to increase employee engagement at your business

Most large organisations have the basics of employee engagement covered. Top-performing companies are the ones that take engagement to the next level.

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Video · 6 Episodes

Masterclass by Sideways 6

The brightest minds in employee ideas, innovation and intrapreneurship share their stories and secrets to success.
Featuring AstraZeneca, Nestlé, Centrica and many more.

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Article · 7 Min Read

Intrapreneurship and why it's good for business

Find out why the likes of Apple, Sony and Google encourage their employees to think and act like entrepreneurs.

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Article · 8 min read

The C-suite guide to listening leaders

What are listening leaders and why are they so important? We reveal all in this in-depth guide.

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eBook · 9 min read

8 impactful ways to promote your employee ideas campaign

We explore the top promotion methods to launch your campaign with a bang and inspire employees to share their ideas.

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