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Inspiration and insight on driving positive change through employee engagement and ideas.

Article · 6 Min Read

Mastering Change Management: Key Principles for Successful Transformation

Find out why change projects fail and discover key strategies to engage employees in driving sustainable change.

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Article · 8 Min Read

14 examples of 10 Key Considerations When Evaluating Idea Management Platforms and employee ideas in action

Explore the key factors for choosing the ideal idea management software in 2024.

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Article · 4 Min Read

How to Win Executives and Influence People

Senior Customer Success Manager Jake Harrison shares his top tips on getting senior stakeholders' buy-in for your employee ideas initiatives.

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Article · 3 Min Read

5 reasons why your employee ideas initiative is failing

Find out the top 5 reasons why your initiative might be failing and how to turn things around, enhance productivity and foster a culture of ideas within your organization.

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Article · 6 Min Read

What does it mean to be 'Native' to Microsoft Teams

Built for engagement: find out why your employees are more likely to adopt and use native software solutions.

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Guide · 9 Pages

Idea Management Solutions: Build or Buy

With the emergence of low-code technology you can - in theory - build a custom Employee Ideas solution. But is it a good idea? This guide takes you through the key considerations to factor in when exploring the right IT solution for your business.

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Top Tips · 5 minutes read

10 Top Tips to Make your Employee Ideas Campaign a Success

We've assembled the ultimate 10 top tips to consider when putting together your employee ideas campaigns.

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Collection · 7 resources

Microsoft Teams

The fastest-growing collaboration tool of all time. Learn how to make Teams a home for ideas.

Teams resources

Collection · 5 resources

Workplace from Meta

Learn how the likes of Nestlé and AstraZeneca turn collaboration into innovation with Workplace.

Workplace resources

Collection · 6 resources

Microsoft Yammer

Find out how the likes of British Airways, Centrica and Severn Trent fuel ideas on Yammer.

Yammer resources

Infographic ·

10 Questions to ask in your Software Demo

Find out the top 10 questions to ask in a demo to make sure you get the answers you need.

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eBook · 32 Pages

The Employee Ideas Lookbook

10 great campaign examples from the likes of British Airways, Intel and Lego to inspire your employees to share their ideas.

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eBook · 52 Pages

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Ideas

Read how to inspire employees to share ideas and bring them to life with tips, tricks and insights learnt from over 250,000 employee ideas.

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Podcast · Season 1

Listening Leaders

The podcast for people who want to do big things in big companies.
Featuring interviews with the CEO's at Marks & Spencer, Balfour Beatty, Mencap, Mott MacDonald and many more.

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Videos ·

Masterclasses, Webinars, Academy videos

Success stories featuring AstraZeneca, Nestlé, Centrica, etc, webinars, and short educational insights. Watch these videos to learn, get inspired and upskill your employee ideas initiatives.

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