Save time and money 
with employee ideas

'Business improvement' isn't a strategy. 
Empower your employees to make it happen.


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Sideways 6 - Process Improvement through Ideas


Simplify and do  
fewer things,

It's impossible to get visibility of every single inefficiency affecting your company day-to-day. 

You need employees to be your eyes and ears. To find, raise and fix the issues you just can't see. To offer solutions to problems that save time, money, and frustration! 

Empower your employees and pass those savings on to customers.

Sideways 6 - Process Improvement with Employee Ideas

Culture Change

'The way it's always been done' is not good enough

People don't like change. Even if stuff isn't working as it should, companies get stuck in routine.

Some employees might see it as 'someone else's problem'. Some might not feel empowered to act.

Your company can be is different.

Show employees that they own the change. The company will be leaner, healthier and happier. 

The impact of employee ideas

Piggy Bank

Increase Profit
& Reduce Costs

Find new ways to improve processes and reduce unnecessary waste

Red Stopwatch

Save Time
& Effort

Enable staff to spend more time doing their day job by removing inefficiencies

Employee NPS

Employee NPS

Improve employee morale by empowering staff and removing frustrations


Marks & Spencer

Learn how M&S drives continuous improvement with ideas from its 70,000 employees with Sideways 6

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How it works

For Employees

Share ideas any
time, anywhere

Empower employees to share and 
collaborate on ideas with the
tools they use every day

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For You

Surface the best
ideas with Sideways 6

Manage, review and shortlist 
those ideas with Sideways 6's
idea management platform

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What Customers Say

When it comes to identifying ways of improving our business, who better to ask than our people?

Leo Quinn, CEO

Balfour Beatty


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