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Create buy-in

Change is hard, but it's easier when employees buy in

McKinsey found that transformation projects engaging >7% of their people are twice as likely to succeed as those that don't. And 70% of change initiatives fail due to low engagement.

Creating shared ownership in change is key to successful transformation. 

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smart transformation 

Turn challenge into opportunity

Employees typically resist change. Being involved, however, creates a deep sense of loyalty

So whatever the challenge; new leadership or strategy, structural changes, or digital transformation; the key to long-term success lies in engaging your workforce.


How it works
Run employee ideas programs focused around the change you want to make happen, within the tools your people already use

Benefit 1

A treasure trove of actionable ideas from the people who have the most real-world insight

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Benefit 2

A shared sense of ownership

over the path ahead among the people who will ultimately make it happen: Your employees.


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The impact of employee ideas


Increase Change
Adoption Rate

Make sure everyone is on board with your transformation project


Generate More
& Better Ideas

Driving positive change encourages participation and leads to more and better ideas

Employee NPS

Employee NPS

Improve employee morale and loyalty by creating shared ownership


Marks & Spencer

Learn how M&S drives continuous improvement with ideas from its 70,000 employees with Sideways 6

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What Customers Say

With Sideways 6, the new leadership launch was executed seamlessly and embedded and reinforced our new CEO's vision whilst also reclaiming the value of listening to employees as part of M&S’ corporate DNA.

Josh Vincent

Marks & Spencer


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