Ideas from Anywhere™

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere, 
and bringing them to life is the secret to business success.

We are Sideways 6

Nobody knows a company better than its employees.

But bringing employee ideas to life is hard.


While most companies understand the value of ideas, it’s harder than ever to get employee attention. Most companies face two key challenges:

1) Getting enough employees to share their ideas
2) Turning the best of those ideas into something positive


That’s why we built Sideways 6:

To help companies change the world for the better by bringing ideas to life.


In the last 9 years, we've helped over 4 million employees to have their ideas heard with over 5,000 implemented. And our journey has only just begun.


Will Read, Founder & CEO

Sideways 6 is an Interact company. Interact offers a suite of enterprise employee experience products, including a modern intranet, email newsletters, a mobile employee app, and a digital signage solution. Sideways 6 idea management software works natively within Interact, enabling employees to seamlessly share and collaborate on ideas. For more information, visit interactsoftware.com.



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