Idea Management

for the Built Environment

Engage employees easily across your business (be it in construction, engineering, design, environmental planning...)  without rolling out 'yet another app'. Find efficiency ideas and increase profit margins. 

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"We're building a better business from the inside out, by engaging the people who know best - our employees."

Leo Quinn, Balfour Beatty CEO 

The Balfour Beatty Story
Sideways 6 - Process Improvement with Employee Ideas

Drive improvement

Find the ideas that make a difference 

No one knows your company better than your employees on the ground, on sites, offices or on the road.

Tap into their ideas at scale with an easily accessible solution, find the best ones to bring to life and increase your profit margin.

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Engage everyone

Engage all employees across your business

Give everyone a voice wherever your employees are. 

Make everyone feel heard regardless of where they operate from by integrating with Microsoft Teams or any of the other tools your employees already use, to collaborate on ideas.

The impact of employee ideas in the 

Built Environment

Bar Chart Growth

Engage in Transformation

Engage all your employees in the strategic change you want to see in your business.

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Piggy Bank

Drive Improvement

Implement ideas from across your business to save your business time and money. 

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Increase Employee Engagement

Give employees a voice and make them feel valued and heard. 

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How employee ideas work in the Built Environment


Idea Collaboration

Employees from across sites, offices or even on the road share and collaborate on ideas using Microsoft Teams, the tools they already use.

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Idea Management

The best of those ideas are then surfaced so they can be brought to life and improve the business.

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Where do you collaborate? Learn more about our integrations

Don’t see your favourite collaboration tool? Click here and let us know. 

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How Balfour Beatty saved £58M and 441,000 hours of work through 'My Contribution'.

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Stories in action, webinars, and articles from across the built environment industry. 

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Scaling innovation across 150 countries and 16,000 employees.

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Saving £5M with a single idea

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The Rio Tinto Story

Seeking ideas to solve big problems like cooling mines in a sustainable way at 2km deep

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Due to the automation of many tasks made possible by Sideways 6, we could focus their energy on challenging users to come up with solutions to their feedback.

Jenny Jarvis, Employee Insight Analyst



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