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Learn how to make Workplace a home for ideas and collaboration

Article · 10 min read

The ultimate guide to listening to employee ideas on Workplace

Our complete guide to turning collaboration into innovation using Workplace from Meta.

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Article · 7 min read

6 companies generating employee ideas with Workplace from Meta

Find out how the likes of Walmart, Nestlé and AstraZeneca made Workplace a home for ideas.

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Article · 8 min read

How to run employee idea campaigns on Workplace

A step-by-step guide to harnessing the power of employees ideas through Workplace from Meta

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Case study · 5 Min Read

The AstraZeneca story

The story of how AstraZeneca put the company’s strategy in the hands of its 64,000 employees using Workplace.

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Masterclass · 22 Mins

Nestle's InGenius Intrapreneurs

Find out how Nestlé used Workplace as a platform for ideas, engaging over 62,000 employees from around the world and launching 69 new projects to market.

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