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Learn how companies create a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship

Article · 7 Min Read

Intrapreneurship and why it's good for business

Find out why the likes of Apple, Sony and Google encourage their employees to think and act like entrepreneurs.

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Article · 6 Min Read

14 examples of intrapreneurship and employee ideas in action

From the Post-It Note to the PlayStation, true stories of employee ideas and innovation.

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eBook · 56 pages

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Ideas

Read how to inspire employees to share ideas and bring them to life with tips, tricks and insights learned from over 250,000 employee ideas.

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Masterclass · 22 Mins

Nestlé's InGenius Intrapreneurs

Find out how Nestlé have created a culture of intrapreneurship, engaging over 62,000 employees from around the world and launching 69 new projects to market.

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eBook · 32 pages

The FTSE Innovation Index

Read how FTSE 100 companies are empowering their employees to drive disruptive innovation and change.
Featuring Rolls Royce, GSK, Experian and more.

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