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Build the future of Travel by engaging your employees from the front line to the board room. Find transformative ideas with employee-driven innovation. 


Meet the changemakers in the travel industry

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“The best way to engage people is to let them know that they are part of the future. We want everyone to own this idea program.”
Heather Figallo, Chief Transformation Officer, Vueling 

The Vueling Story
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Drive improvement

Find the ideas that make a difference 

No one knows your company better than your employees on the ground, on sites, offices or on the road.

Tap into their ideas at scale with an easily accessible solution, find the best ones to bring to life and increase your profit margin.

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Drive Change

Drive the change you care about

Whatever your strategic focus, employees hold the keys to its success. 

Set challenges and empower employees to share ideas, drive efficiencies and create a culture of innovation to stay ahead of the competition. 

The impact of employee ideas in Travel

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Engage in Transformation

Engage all your employees in the strategic change you want to see in your business.

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Piggy Bank

Drive improvement

Implement ideas from across your business to save your business time and money. 

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Increase Employee Engagement

Give employees a voice and make them feel valued and heard. 

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How employee ideas work in Travel


Idea Collaboration

Employees at all levels share and collaborate on ideas using Microsoft Teams, the tools they already use at work.

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Idea Management

The best of those ideas are then surfaced so they can be brought to life and improve the business.

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Where do you collaborate? We've got you covered

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Listening with Purpose

Hear the Vueling Story from Veronica Hull, Head of Transformation in this lively panel discussion where experts explore why businesses now need to listen to colleagues to thrive.

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Insights and Successes

Stories in action, webinars, and articles from across the travel industry. 


How Vueling engaged 50% of their workforce in transformation tapping into employee ideas.

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British Airways

Watch how British Airways finds new ways to improve the whole customer experience

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Virgin Trains

How Virgin Trains innovates and engages through employee ideas.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Sideways 6 allowed us to grow at our own pace. We didn't need a huge team up front to launch the program and were able to scale up when we were ready to.

Veronica Hull, Head of Transformation



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