Idea Management

for Retail

Empower and engage colleagues, on and off the shop floor, to play a part in improving your retail business by sharing and shaping ideas.

Meet the retail changemakers

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Stuart Machin


“Straight to Stuart is about giving every 65,000 of our colleagues a platform to drive positive change and make a difference - that’s what makes the program so powerful.”
Stuart Machin, M&S CEO

The Marks & Spencer Story
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Empower Colleagues

Give everyone a voice and drive engagement.

No one knows your business better than your colleagues, and it feels great to contribute to the bigger picture.

Make everyone feel listened to by shaping and collaborating on ideas and increase productivity at the same time.

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Drive Change

Drive the change you care about

Whatever your strategic focus, colleagues hold the keys to its success. 

Set challenges for colleagues to share ideas to improve customer experience, drive efficiencies and become a better place to work. 

The impact of colleague ideas in retail

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Engage in Transformation

Engage all colleagues in the strategic change you want to see in your business.

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Piggy Bank

Drive improvement

Implement ideas from across your business to save your business time and money. 

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Increase Colleagues Engagement

Give colleagues a voice and make them feel valued and seen. 

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How colleague ideas work in Retail


Idea Collaboration

Colleagues at all levels share and collaborate on ideas using Microsoft Teams, the tools they already use at work.

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Idea Management

The best of those ideas are then surfaced so they can be brought to life and improve the business.

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Where do you collaborate? We've got you covered

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Empowering Engagement 

How the retail giant engaged its workforce in the new leadership, gathered over 11,000 ideas in just one year and created a culture of ideas and positive change across >400 stores and 65,000 colleagues. 

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Insights and Successes

Stories in action, webinars, and articles from across the retail industry. 

Taylor & Francis

How Taylor & Francis started an employee ideas program from scratch and engaged 64% of their audience

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Nestlé's intrapreneurs launch 67 innovative new products & services

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How modern retailers are harnessing the power of their people to accelerate change.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Sideways 6 are helping us bring ideas to life across our business, making us change for the better.

Josh Vincent

Marks & Spencer


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