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Article · 8 min read

10 Key Considerations When Evaluating Idea Management Platforms

Explore the key factors for choosing the ideal idea management software in 2024. Assess user interface, integrations, scalability, and vendor partnership to align with organizational goals. Evaluate ROI, engagement, and platform simplicity, configurability, and scalability.

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Article · 4 min read

How to Win Executives and Influence People?

Senior Customer Success Manager Jake Harrison shares his top tips on getting senior stakeholders' buy-in for your employee ideas initiatives.

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Article · 3 min read

5 reasons why your employee ideas initiative is failing

Find out the top 5 reasons why your initiative might be failing and how to turn things around, enhance productivity and foster a culture of ideas within your organization.

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Article · 6v min read

Why ideation doesn't have to be scary – 3 simple steps to start harnessing your workforce

Head of Customer Success Jake Dipple shares his top 3 tips to start your ideation journey and make it less scary.

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Article · 4 Min Read

What is integrated idea management?

Learn how integrated idea management differs from older methods and allows employees to collaborate on ideas.

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Article · 9 min read

8 impactful ways to promote your employee ideas campaign

We explore the best ways to launch your campaign and inspire employees to share their ideas.

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Playbook · 20 Pages

Driving DE&I transformation: The internal communicator's playbookfor amplifying employee ideas

Tapping into the valuable insights and experiences of your employees is a great way to shape a meaningful culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), but can be challenging to do effectively. This guide will show you how it’s done in 12 easy steps.

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eBook · 56 Pages

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Ideas

Read how to inspire employees to share ideas and bring them to life with tips, tricks and insights learned from the world of idea management.

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Article · 7 Min Read

7 review criteria to help you find the best ideas

Make the most out of your expert panel and uncover the most promising employee ideas with our 7 best practice review criteria.

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Masterclass · 23 Mins

Centrica | The Magic of Idea Management

Learn how Centrica's MAGIC ideas programme has generated over £20 million in savings

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Article · 4 min read

What we've learned from 500,000 employee ideas

5 idea management lessons we've learned from over half a million employee ideas.

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