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Idea Management

Article · 4 Min Read

What is integrated idea management?

Learn how integrated idea management differs from older methods and allows employees to collaborate on ideas.

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Article · 9 min read

8 impactful ways to promote your employee ideas campaign

We explore the best ways to launch your campaign and inspire employees to share their ideas.

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Article · 7 Min Read

7 review criteria to help you find the best ideas

Make the most out of your expert panel and uncover the most promising employee ideas with our 7 best practice review criteria.

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Article · 9 min read

4 companies using Microsoft Yammer to generate employee ideas

See how big businesses are using Microsoft Yammer to generate innovative employee ideas.

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Infographic · 4 Min Read

The 2018 State of Employee Ideas

Presenting the results from the world's biggest ever survey on employee ideas and whether companies listen to them.

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