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Idea management for Microsoft Yammer

Ignite employee ideas on Yammer. Bring the best ones to life
with Sideways 6.

Turn collaboration into innovation
with Yammer and Sideways 6

Bar Chart Growth

Increase usage

Give employees a reason to go to Yammer and get them using it regularly.

Piggy Bank

Prove ROI

Demonstrate the value of Yammer with ideas that impact the bottom line.

Happy Employees

Nurture culture

Create a culture of innovation and show employees that their ideas matter.


Our approach

Innovate socially
with Yammer

Sideways 6 integrates with Microsoft Yammer, sparking collaboration around ideas in
the communities where it happens naturally.

Yammer Ideas Group


Idea generation
starts in Yammer

Employees simply join the ideas group on Yammer and post their ideas. They can also like and comment on other people's ideas.



A home for ideas
and innovation

Keep track of your people’s insights with our intuitive ideas dashboard. Get an instant view of how your campaign is performing.



Manage ideas at scale

Automatically collect ideas posted on your network. Tailor idea pipelines and statuses to suit
your preferred workflow.



Make smarter decisions

Use the wisdom of the crowd to flag the most popular ideas. Then let the experts select the best
ones to be implemented.



Keep your people
in the loop

Update people on their ideas at each stage of the journey. Drive further engagement and celebrate milestones on Yammer.



Understand the value of your ideas

Report on the business impact of winning ideas. Identify your influencers and the most talked about topics on Yammer. 

What Customers Say

Carlo Di Carlo

British Airways

One tool to pull data from different yammer groups to simplify my searches and report all in one easy, manageable area.
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