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Become a Sideways 6 channel partner

Offer the Sideways 6 platform directly to your customers and upsell additional value-add consultancy services.

Differentiate your offering and grow your revenue


Add to your toolbox

Create additional value for your clients through
employee ideas.


Sell consulting services

Sell complementary consultancy services through all stages of engagement.


Get closer

Get closer to your customer. Engage the C-level and speak with new contacts.



More strategic conversations

Deliver employee ideas campaigns to spark strategic conversations and drive business value. Offer clients idea campaigns that deliver real business value.

Create value


Create value for customers

Implement the tools to enable your customers to save money, launch new products, retain clients and attract talent - all through employee ideas.



Your agency, our platform

Offer an award-winning ideas management platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft, Slack and Workplace from Facebook. 



Create new revenue through platform sales

Sell the Sideways 6 platform directly to customers. Boost deal values and sell to different parts of the business (C-Level, Innovation and Strategy teams)

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Sell more consultancy services

Deliver employee ideas consultancy and upsell your specialist consultancy services before, during and after the employee ideas campaign.

Training and support


Get full training and support

Get training on the Sideways 6 platform and how to consult around employee ideas. Support from Sideways 6 provided throughout all engagements.

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