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Webinar · 25 mins

2020 Vision: The year of the employee idea

We've shared 10 examples of companies who have profited from acts of intrapreneurship, and why we believe that 2020 truly will be the year of the employee idea!

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Webinar · 22 mins

Why your employee idea campaigns don't work

Learn the six top reasons that some employee idea campaigns fail to make an impact, and how you can avoid them.

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Webinar · 25 mins

Breaking Brand: 6 campaign tips to inspire employee ideas

With inspiring examples from Virgin, General Electric and Nike, we show you why the best internal comms don't feel like internal comms at all!

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Webinar · 25 mins

How Centrica's team managed hundreds of employee ideas every month

Centrica's MAGIC campaign is an incredible example of managing employee ideas at scale.

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