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Workplace by Facebook

Case study · 3 Min Read

The AstraZeneca story

Discover how AstraZeneca used Workplace by Facebook to generate 23,000 employee ideas.

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Article · 7 min read

6 companies generating employee ideas with Workplace by Facebook

How are some of the biggest business using Workplace to drive innovative employee ideas?

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eBook · 56 pages

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Ideas

Read how to inspire employees to share ideas and bring them to life with tips, tricks and insights learned from over 250,000 employee ideas.

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Article · 10 min read

The ultimate guide to listening to employee ideas on Workplace

Our complete guide to listening to employees and their incredible ideas using Workplace by Facebook.

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Infographic · 4 Min Read

The 2018 State of Employee Ideas

Presenting the results from the world's biggest ever survey on employee ideas and whether companies listen to them.

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