Drive Employee Engagement Through Communication & Recognition

Automate and personalize comms and notifications for maximum engagement

Sideways 6 Product - Engage


Drive employee engagement

Keep your people in the loop, encourage idea collaboration, celebrate milestones and update employees at every stage
of the journey.

Sideways 6 Product - Engage - Templates


Streamline your communications 

Use our templates, or create your own, to update employees on the progress of their ideas.

Sideways 6 Product - Engage - Messages


Send personalised updates at scale  

Choose whether to send comms manually or automatically based on selected trigger events.

Sideways 6 Product - Engage - Tracking


Track updates on every idea 

View a history of what’s happened to every single idea and ensure that no employee is left in the dark. 

Sideways 6 Product - Engage - Campaign Roundup


Share your campaign performance 

Embrace transparency. Send company-wide emails to
share insights, results and celebrate successes.

Sideways 6 Product - Engage - Annoucements v2


Drive and sustain engagement 

Schedule campaign announcements in advance to organise your workflow, enhance team participation, and create a buzz.

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