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Sideways 6 Product - Manage


Manage ideas quickly and at scale

Qualify, categorise and progress ideas through a structured pipeline from qualification
to implementation. 

Sideways 6 Product - Manage - Ideas Table


All your ideas,
all in one place

Never let a good idea get away again. Sort, filter and action ideas all within one customizable view. 

Sideways 6 Product - Manage - Merge Ideas


Spur collaboration
on ideas

Group similar ideas to manage duplicates and invite employees to collaborate on existing ideas. 

Sideways 6 Product - Manage - Stages & Statuses


Track ideas through your pipeline 

Use our recommended stages and statues to help you progress ideas through to implementation.

Sideways 6 Product - Manage - Automation


Idea management
on auto-pilot

Automate day-to-day idea management tasks so you can spend more time bringing
ideas to life.

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