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Sideways 6 Product - Shortlist


Find the best ideas 

Combine crowd and expert reviews to go from many
ideas to the few with the
greatest potential.

Sideways 6 Product - Shortlist - Idea Evaluation


Establish review criteria 

Define your criteria for evaluating ideas. Choose from our best practice questions or create
your own.

Sideways 6 Product - Shortlist - Review Panel


Assemble your
review panel

Invite subject matter experts
to review ideas and give quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Sideways 6 Product - Shortlist - Review Analytics


Analyse your
review results

Aggregate review scores to help you decide which ideas to take forward to implementation. 

Sideways 6 Product - Shortlist - Crowd Review


Involve employees in the review process 

Invite employees to vote for their favourite ideas by liking and commenting in the open.

Better companies, happier people

Find out why companies around the world trust Sideways 6 to bring their employee ideas to life.