• Engage, Innovate, Improve.

    Sideways 6 is the ​employee idea crowdsourcing platform powering ​innovation​​improvement and ​employee engagement at some of the world’s best companies.


A crowdsourcing and idea management platform that integrates with Yammer, Office 365 and SharePoint

For Innovation




  • Access more insight and ideas than ever before.
  • Never miss a good idea in your company
  • Involve your people in your innovation campaigns
  • Spend your time implementing, not managing, ideas


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For Employee Engagement



  • Increase employee engagement
  • Boost adoption of your Enterprise Social Network or Intranet
  • Find and reward innovators and influencers
  • Nurture two-way conversations with employees


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For The Business




  • Spread your message across the company
  • Gain insight from your front-line
  • Make the most out of Yammer and Office 365
  • Source insight and ideas to make great decisions



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Sideways 6 is one of The Telegraph’s Top 5 Apps for Business Strategy.


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Over a quarter (28%) of all software deployed in large enterprises goes unused. That’s over one in four software systems purchased by your typical FTSE500 company that ends up not being used, even by the departments and employees who purchased it.1

Of course, every purchase starts off with the right intentions…

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