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Idea management reimagined

Introducing a better way to capture, manage,
and analyze ideas at scale.

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Capture ideas from anywhere

Collect ideas using the tools your employees know and love.

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Manage ideas at scale

Organize and qualify thousands of ideas with ease.

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Bring the best ideas to life

Review and shortlist ideas to go from many to few.



Source ideas
from anywhere

Collect ideas by leveraging tools your employees already use such as Microsoft Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, and Slack.



Manage ideas
quickly at scale

Automate data collection and
tailor idea statuses and stages
to fit your process.



Find the best ideas 

Combine crowd and expert review to go from many ideas to the few with the greatest potential.

Project Management Integrations


Bring the best
ideas to life

Integrate Sideways 6 with your favourite project management tools and manage ideas all the way through to delivery.



Keep your people
in the loop

Drive engagement, celebrate milestones and update people at every stage of the journey.



Measure your

Identify key trends, understand the business impact of ideas, and create custom reports to prove ROI. 

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Your data's
safe with us

We take security as seriously as you do and commit to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to protecting your data.

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Third Party Reviews

Sideways 6 enables us to streamline decisions and empower employees to have their voices heard.

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Innovation Consultant


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