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Cookie Policy

At Sideways 6, we treat privacy seriously and only use your personal data to improve our product offering and keep you up to date about our events. You can rest assured we will not sell your data to third parties. We encourage you to read this policy thoroughly and contact us at privacy@sideways6.com in case of any queries.

We at Sideways 6 Ltd are the makers of the Sideways 6 employee ideas and innovation platform, and with respect to you as a data subject we act as a data controller. We collect your personal data because you have given us your consent to, or we have found it publicly available and so you can reasonably expect to be contacted about business matters and we believe it is in our mutual interest if we offer you the Sideways 6 platform, which constitutes legitimate business interest under the EU GDPR.

We collect the data necessary to establish contact between us and your organisation:

Company email address

First and last names

Company, job title, and department

Website cookies and IP address

Your professional social network profile URL (e.g. LinkedIn)

We will hold on to this data indefinitely unless you ask us to delete it, in which case we will delete it within 30 days. Your personal data is stored in a Customer relationship management (CRM) and Sales platform we use to hold our database of contacts and leads. We will use it to:

Keep you informed about our latest events and webinars

Tell you about the use cases and success stories of Sideways 6

Invite you to take part in surveys that help us tailor our offering

Track your behaviour on our website

To further process your data, we may also use third party data processors to run e.g. email and marketing campaigns. We also use third parties located in countries outside of the EU that are considered to provide adequate data protection by the European Commission for processing personal data, e.g. to hold and collect our CRM data.

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, you have a right to:

Be notified within 72 hours of a data beach concerning your data. We will notify you within 72 hours if we discover a data breach.

Access what and how their personal data is being processed and request a copy of it. You can do this by contacting us at privacy@sideways6.com.

Be forgotten if your data is no longer relevant to its original purpose or revoke data processing consent. For such requests, you may contact us at privacy@sideways6.com.

Get an export of your data that we hold in a portable (easy to use elsewhere) format. We can provide this in XLS format if requested at privacy@sideways6.com.

Have a record of your personal data be corrected in case of errors or inaccuracies. To do this, you may contact at privacy@sideways6.com.

Request that your data should not be processed automatically. To opt out from automatic processing or profiling, please contact us at privacy@sideways6.com.

Complain to the GDPR supervisory authority appointed by your member state if you believe your rights are being encroached.